“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us”- Winston Churchill

While most of our clientele require full service interior design, we realize that there are many homeowners willing to do most of the work on their own - but are fearful of making wrong decisions or, worst yet, costly mistakes.

Let us help you!

Are you suffering from decision paralysis? Feeling overwhelmed with all of the many choices you have or need to make? Would you like to confidently move forward in your design project utilizing the informative guidance of an interior designer?

So, what's our process?

We schedule a 90 minute meeting where we provide you with a variety of design information - including room layouts and wall colors, specific shapes and sizes of furnishings to be incorporated, and the important decorative items not to be forgotten about - giving you the clarity and confidence to move forward in your project. And to insure that you continue to feel that clarity and confidence as you move ahead, we also offer follow-up hourly coaching meetings - whether they be at your residence, over the phone or through email - to ensure that you are able to create a stunning and personalized space to be proud of!

Designer on Call fee up to 90 minutes : $295