"The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them" - David Hicks

The Final 10% is one of the most impactful services that we provide to our clients where we pull together all of the accessories, personal mementoes, and decorative objects that really make one's space their own - whether they are newly curated or found throughout our client's space - and we artfully place them in our client's home.

Let us help you!

Are you stuck on how to bring together those finishing touches that would really complete your interiors? Not sure how to decorate your bookcases, mantel or coffee table? Confused about the right size of table lamp to purchase or how you could update your upholstery with fun, thoughtful throw pillows?

So, what's our process?

We schedule a one hour meeting at your home. During this time we gather information about your desired design direction, take necessary measurements and photographs of the overall spaces you'd like addressed, finalize a budget: for any auxiliary furnishings or decorative accessories that we feel will be needed to help complete the space and we set a date for the decorative installation. We then curate all of the finishing items and deliver them to your home for our "The Final 10%" installation day.

1-hour The Final 10% consultation fee $145
Hourly curating and installation fee with Joy Home Interiors Team $200 per hour